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Not all interior painters are alike!

Your home is your biggest investment. At Edmonton Painting, surface preparation is the top priority. Years of experience and the knowledge of the broad range of coating varieties allow us to make the appropriate suggestions as well as to recognize and solve unique challenges of every project.

These are 3 crucial reasons that make us the best painters:
  • Surface preparation: An experienced professional painter will spot potential problem spots and know how to properly prepare them to create a uniform surface. If this is not done, surface flaws will only be highlighted and made more obvious by a new paint job.
  • Correct technique: Professional house painters know how to apply paint in a way that avoids the drips, roller overlap marks, and thin/bare spots that are the common result of inexperienced painting.
  • Best materials: Professional painters always have on hand the finest brushes, rollers, drywall-repair equipment, and painting products.

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Attention homeowners!

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5 things to know before hiring your painter:

  • Does he work full time or part time?
  • How long has he been in the business?
  • What are his references?
  • What is his guarantee?
  • Did he check the place you want painted before giving his estimate?

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Edmonton Painting Team is trusted by more than 200 families so far (and counting)

Our painting crew are true trained professionals who know what they do. This is like a family business. We all know, trust and like each other for a long time. Edmonton Painting Team is trusted by more than 200 families so far (and counting)

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